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During November and December 2018, the first National platform for Enterprise and Industrial policy “Chapter 20” has organized 3 expert workshops on chosen topics from the Chapter 20:
  1. “Current situation and challenges in Chapter 20: Enterprises and industrial policy”
  2. "Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises"
  3. “Support and stimulation of innovation for small and medium- sized enterprises”
The 3 expert workshops gathered more than 93 experts, including representatives from Government, Ministries of Economy, Labor and Social Policy and Education, chambers of commerce, clusters, FITD, APERNM, banks, technological parks, incubators, innovation centers, universities, hubs and representatives of relevant organizations. 
The workshops included open discussions with the participants, an overview of the current situation, challenges and recommendations for improving enterprise policies, as well as instruments and infrastructure for supporting innovations and access to finance, which created an opportunity for interaction and straightening the links between the relevant stakeholders. In this way, they emphasize the importance of inclusive creation and follow-up of policies related to Chapter 20 in the direction of further improving the reform process of Chapter 20.
The purpose of this activity was the preparation of relevant documents for public policies which are intended to include the conclusions and recommendations from the thematic workshops and later on to be electronically placed on the resource center of the platform and distributed to the stakeholders.
This activity is part of the project "Strengthening Capacities and Mechanisms to Support the Reform Process of Chapter 20", financed by the European Union through the IPA Program for Support of Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2015.