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About platform

Chapter 20 – About the platform

The "Chapter 20" platform is the first and only national platform for enterprise and industrial policy, created through the project "Strengthening Capacities and Mechanisms to Support the Reform Process of Chapter 20". The platform, composed of civil society organizations operating in the areas of Chapter 20, aims to actively engage in the reform process as an important factor in the public-private dialogue.

The platform works according to the annual Action Plan for Work, which describes the objectives, activities and responsible organizations.

The platform also includes its own resource center with materials relevant to monitoring the reform priorities of Chapter 20, with publicly available resources which support knowledge transfer and coordination between CSOs and other relevant actors at the national level.

Additionally, the platform actively works on strengthening the capacities of the civil society organizations for policy creation and networking, organizing numerous trainings, webinars, expert meetings, international forums for good practices, as well as various activities for dissemination and raising awareness on the importance of Chapter 20 in the process of EU accession.