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Circular economy online course

YES Foundation created a Circular economy online course for companies and civil society organizations, as part of the project "Partnership for Circular Economy - Sustainable SME Development and Regional Development", co-financed by the Western Balkans Fund, in partnership with Albanian Socio Economic Think Tank (Albania) and Foundation for Innovation and Technology Development (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Circular economy is an economic system based on the principles of elimination of waste and pollution, continuous use of resources and renewal of natural systems. Circular economics has emerged in response to the unsustainable linear model (take-do-throw) and includes reuse, repair, re-production and recycling in order to create a new system and long-lasting products. In the circular economy, products are reused and not thrown away as waste, and products that cannot be reused are recycled. There is therefore a need for new business models and innovative product design, as well as the use of infinitely recyclable materials.
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