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45 companies received the certificate “Fair for the Consumer”

45 companies with clearly defined rules for protection of security and health of their consumers received a certificate “Fair for the Consumer” on a ceremony held in the hotel “Aleksandar Palace” in Skopje. The event was organized within the project “Partnership among civil society and business sector – development of innovative model for mobilization of financial resources” implemented from Organization of Consumers, KiA Creation and Zenith Association.

During the event were held two panel discussions which included CSOs and representatives from companies and institutions. Sofija Cali Kuzmanova, project manager in YES Foundation presented the activities and the contribution of the platform “Chapter 20” as a mechanism for collaboration among the civil, business and governmental sector, for the mutual dialog and monitoring of the public policies, their implementation and improvement, as well as transfer of knowledge.

“Fair for the Consumer” certificate means that companies are taking care of their products/services, have fair practices towards consumers and their products are not harmful for the environment.