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YES Foundation participating in the conference „Unveiling Serbia's Smart Specialisation Strategy and exploring the role of incubators, accelerators and S&T Parks in delivering sector specific support in the Western Balkans and South-East Europe"

On 15 and 16 October at the Science Technology Park Belgrade, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre is organising a conference to present the Serbia's Smart Specialisation Strategy (4S) together with the opportunities and challenges for sectoral specialisation of Science and Technology Parks (STPs), Accelerators and Incubators in the broader region of South-East Europe.

The two-day event is co-organised together with EU4TECH Western Balkans, a project funded by DG NEAR, and the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The first day will be focus on Smart Speciliasation Strategy in Serbia and its priority domains such as Information and Communicaiton Technlogies, creative industries and food for the future. On the second day, participants will discuss the role of Science Parks and incubators in the Western Balkans and South-East Europe regions can play in supporting emerging Smart Specialisation priorities. 

Sofija Cali Kuzmanova, project manager at YES Foundation and Business Incubator is visiting the conference as a representative of one of the oldest business incubator in the country and active stakeholder for support of SMEs and entrepreneurship.